On-street parking suspension and waiver certificates

From 1st April 2023 Surrey County Council is taking over responsibility for on-street parking and enforcement, this includes Resident Permit Zones, suspension of on-street parking bays and dispensation parking. For more information please click here.

On behalf of Surrey County Council we are able to suspend parking bays and places and issue waiver certificates.  Suspensions of bays and dispensations are granted on a discretionary basis by the Council based on a variety of factors including traffic flow, health and safety and disruption to residents. Please email customer services as each application is based on individual merit.

A parking suspension may be granted if works are required in a specific location which means that parking in that place must be restricted. Please note that Epsom & Ewell Borough Council can only administer parking suspensions in parking bays or places such as within limited waiting bays or resident parking zones. Any requests to suspend other areas of Highway must be submitted to Surrey County Council.

A waiver certificate may be granted if works are being carried out which require a vehicle to park in an area which would otherwise usually be restricted such as on a yellow line or within a resident parking zone.