Resident permit zones


From 1st April 2023 Surrey County Council is taking over responsibility for on-street parking and enforcement, this includes Resident Permit Zones, suspension of on-street parking bays and dispensation parking. For more information please click here.

If your street falls under a Residents Permit Zone (RPZ), you will need a RPZ permit to park your vehicle within the road during the times of operation. Permits and visitors permits can be applied for and purchased at the Town Hall.

For an RPZ permit, your vehicle must be registered at the address that falls under the relevant zone. You will need to provide one proof of your residency dated less than three months old (or your current Council Tax details) and the vehicle registration document (V5C) to show proof of ownership of the vehicle.

Your permit is only valid for the zone in which you live and only permits you to park in the designated parking areas or bays. Any single or double yellow line restrictions outside the controlled operating times must be observed.

If you have visitors that you need permits for, you can buy Visitor Permit scratch cards in advance, either in books of 10 or individually.

Resident and visitor parking permits

Resident only on-street parking places were introduced in Epsom and Ewell in 2013. Residents within the zone are entitled to apply for a parking permit.

Conditions of permit

  • Will not guarantee the permit holder a parking space.
  • Will not exempt you from the yellow lines restrictions.
  • Will only be valid for the zone in which the holder is resident.
  • Will remain the property of the Council.

Cost of permit

  • Surrey County Council has set a charge of £80 per year for a first resident parking permit, £100 for a second permit and £130 for subsequent permits. 
  • Permits will be valid from date of issue for one year. 
  • If a valid permit is surrendered to us during the course of the year then a refund will be made on a pro-rata basis for full complete months only.
  • We will automatically contact permit holders upon expiry to see if you want to renew.
  • There will be a charge of £15 for the issue of a replacement or duplicate permit.

What do I need to do next?
If you are entitled to a residents parking permit, you will need to complete the online application form and submit it with your evidence proofs attached:

  • The fee of £80, £100, £130
  • Proof of residency - please see guidelines on application form
  • Proof that you are the registered keeper of the vehicle (see guidelines).

Please note that it is at our discretion to refuse an application for a residents parking permit. Permission to park will not be authorised until all necessary paperwork has been processed and you have received your permit. If we reject an application, we will notify you and return any payment made if applicable. The residents parking scheme is continually monitored.

Residents visitor permits

Please note we can only post a maximum of 2 books/20 permits at a time

Visitor permits are available to residents within the Controlled Parking Zone who are entitled to have a permit in their street/road. These come in a book of 10 scratch cards and the cost for one book is £20. Individual permits can also be purchased for £2 per scratchcard. Please complete the application form and return this with your payment to Parking Services, Epsom & Ewell Borough Council.  Visitor permits are limited to a maximum of 150 scratchcards in one calendar year.

Carers permits

Any person who is a resident at a property within the resident parking zone, is housebound and in need of regular short term visits from carers or community care personnel may apply to the Borough Council for a Carers permit. The cost of a Carers permit is £10. It is not vehicle specific and should remain at the residents property to issue to short term care visitors.

Suspension of bays and dispensation parking

Suspensions of bays and dispensations are granted on a discretionary basis by the Council based on a variety of factors including traffic flow, health and safety and disruption to residents. Please email customer services as each application is based on individual merit.

Coach and lorry parking 

We have no dedicated parking areas for lorries or coaches within the Borough.